We have been in the Sofa Solutions business for many years.
We were founded on the principal that innovation can overcome any challenge.
With that we founded our Sofa expert business which has made it possible for many clients to find true solutions with Sofa modifications.


Are you facing problems in getting your sofa into your property? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We get calls from customers every day struggling with their sofa, and our specialists have helped them with sofa disassembly and assembly. Whether it is a couch, sofa, or settee, we have the solution to your problem.

We understand how stressful it is when you decide to relocate. We are the right choice on whom you can trust and coordinate with you properly. Our disassembly services are available 24/7, and you have the option to select the dates that are most convenient for you. Moreover, we also offer on-site estimates for the delivery of your sofa and furniture. We promise you that our services will be efficient, that will achieve your satisfaction.

Sofa won’t fit through your door

We recognise after waiting for more days or even weeks for your sofa. The last thing you want is to have it arrive only to discover that it is too large and won’t fit through your door.

Do not despair; Sofa Expert has a solution to get your sofa into your house so if you are scratching your head or looking to defy the laws of physics to get your large sofa in through your small doorway then why not give our team to help you with your sofa disassembly. With our profound knowledge and years of experience, we will have your sofa place in your room before you know it.

Our specialist can lift your sofa to the lofty heights needed to get entry to a high-level window of the balcony by using the state of the art equipment. Once the sofa has been lifted with our furniture hoist, our specialists will carefully bring your sofa into your property.

Sofa stuck in stairs? Settee stuck in the hallway?

Mostly our specialists will use lifting machine to hoist your sofa up but hoisting the sofa up and through an upper floor is not an option, then our trained and experienced upholsterers can carefully dismantle your sofa/settee and reassemble it in its new place without any sign of it ever being taken apart.

We are professionals at getting your sofa/to couch into your property. We can hoist the sofa in through a large upper window or maybe disassemble the couch and assemble it correctly in the room it’s supposed to be in.

Get in touch with us today and know how we can assist you with your sofa problem! Or if you are ready to go, then why not request a quote. It is brief and secure and won’t cost you a penny.

Why moving your sofa alone is not a great idea?

The reasons for not doing it alone are manifold, which makes it essential that the professionals do it. These are:

If you do it, you can hurt yourself. Over the years, we have seen many individuals hurting their backs when moving or disassembling a sofa.

You can damage your sofa. while performing sofa disassembly, there may be a high chance of you breaking nuts, bolts, legs and much more. Also, there’s a high risk of you misplacing a part of your sofa.

If health, safety, and peace of mind are any of your worries, then working with Sofa Expert is of number one importance. We’re professional in performing any disassembly work.

Our professional technicians possess expertise in how to correctly disassemble and assemble the sofa as well as your furniture. We can transport your furniture out of your current address to the new one swiftly and collect it. We will not take a lot of time in performing this task, and the condition of the sofa will exactly remain the same, which we can guarantee you that.



You have small doors or spiral staircases that make problem to move the piece of sofa and furniture in your home; we are the right solution. With our furniture and sofa disassembly services, we can guarantee that we specialise in this kind of profession in which you have a warranty that you will move smoothly. Through this method, you will no longer need to face the issue in running when you consider that you have a dependable company by your side and ensure that your items are secure and your shifting becomes easy. Whatever the couch and furniture you have got, we guarantee you that you will receive the quality service that you will not regret. Moving your furniture is simple, but the disassembling process can be robust for you, so leave this work to us. We will make you're shifting a simple process and ensure that you receive benefit from our quality service. Also, we provide a competitive price for our service without any hidden costs in which you can save a lot of money. So what are you waiting for, contact us now and experience the service we are telling you about!





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