We have been in the Sofa Solutions business for many years.
We were founded on the principal that innovation can overcome any challenge.
With that we founded our Sofa expert business which has made it possible for many clients to find true solutions with Sofa modifications.


Sofa Expert disassembly and Reassembly

We will be able to attend to all disassembly of furniture with great care and can reassemble in a new location. This allows customers to have a peace of mind and let the professionals handle all your valuable belongings. We can take your furniture apart and transport with care. We can reassemble that with accuracy and originality.

Sofa Repair

We know how much love you have for your antique and valuable furniture. It would be very detrimental to throw those furniture because of a broken leg, or ripped cushion. We have helped many clients safe thousands from having their broken furniture fixed. We have fixed many full size sofas and also love seats. We can fix all legs, and broken bases and make them strong again. Our prices are very competitive and can provide alternative solution to your sofa problem. We have made those repairs with great results. Find out how we can build a customized solution for your Furniture repair.

Sofa Modification

Customers who buy big sofas which they love and face the hardship of getting them inside the apartment leaving them stranded and frustrated. With our Sofa Modification service, we can provide a surgery to your sofa that cannot fit into your apartment. If your moving and don’t want to throw your expensive furniture because it will not fit into your new apartment, consult with us on how we can handle your furniture for full care. We can disassemble, transport and re-assemble your furniture by providing full care. We have done many surgeries to help fit big furniture through small narrow doorways. Our surgical care is done with experts who have done thousands of sofa modifications.
With our surgical expertise we have helped so many find peace of mind





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