We have been in the Sofa Solutions business for many years.
We were founded on the principal that innovation can overcome any challenge.
With that we founded our Sofa expert business which has made it possible for many clients to find true solutions with Sofa modifications.


Furniture is the essence and the necessity of every home. From a small size apartment in no small mansion—furniture beautifies and completes the feel of the place. But every piece of furniture comes with an expiry date, or as most often happens, it gets damaged or broken due to a mishap. However, the good news is that being a human-made creation, it can be repaired or restored to almost its pristine state. That’s where our furniture repair near me services comes in. We started our company, Sofa Expert, to provide excellent in-home furniture repair near me services, that can restore your sofa to its flawless state and regain your happiness. Let’s discover the 7 top reasons that make us perfect for you.

1) We have experience — (a lot of it)

We understand how much attached you are to your furniture. Especially when you have worked hard and bought that furniture with your hard-earned money. It isn’t plausible at all, to see your favourite sofa, table, chair or bed getting scratched, broken, ripped, nicked or faded. For many people, the furniture is their pride, and they look at that furniture, and it gives them happiness.

If you’re one of them, you’ll understand how important it is to hire an experienced and professional furniture repair near me service to attend to your furniture damage. We bring in this industry for a long while, have accumulated enough experience to proudly state that we can correctly restore and repair your furniture to its once well-off state.

2) We have a long list of happy customers

Our reliability comes from the fact that we have many satisfied and long-term customers. The story begins the same way. They were having trouble repairing or restoring a broken wooden or other material furniture, their friend recommended our wooden furniture repair services near me, or they found us through a search engine, and we immediately reached out to help them.

The result? They had their furniture repaired, and we had one more satisfied customer. Some of them have been so courteous as to leave a helpful review on our website. That way, we don’t have to spend money on advertisements. Our customers’ word of mouth becomes our advertisement in itself. This is what makes our furniture repair near me services so good.

3) We are always there when you need us

Even though we still have a busy schedule (saving the lives of our customers’ furniture), yet, we always try to reach you within a short time. That span usually includes a few hours only. We understand that maybe you are arranging a dinner party and your dining table seems faded, dull or scratched. Or perhaps you’ve invited your colleagues to come over and watch a movie in your lounge. But unfortunately, the sofa is ripped, or the upholstery needs to be fixed. In any such scenario, you’ll need a professional in home furniture repair near me service in a short time, and we are happy to comply with that.

4) We deal with any issue

There can be many things that can go wrong with your furniture. Maybe there is a scratch, a stain. The colour has faded, it’s ripped, the upholstery needs to be a fixture, the sofa is nicked, the joint on your chair is loose, or the bed frame is broken. These and many other issues call for the need of a professional furniture repair near me service. We are proud to state that our experience, expertise and knowledge allows us to handle any problem in furniture. You can rely on us, and we’ll prove our worth to you.

5) We keep learning

It isn’t that we are new or something, but we understand that the techniques in furniture industry keep changing. New trends merge on the surface, and the furniture style, make and also finish changes with that. That is why we keep working on ourselves to acquire the most useful knowledge of the furniture industry. This is what makes our wooden furniture repair near me services perfect for you. Be it a 2018 made furniture, or an antique one—we are always equipped with the right knowledge to provide an excellent service.

6) We have invested profoundly in our tools

Furniture needs some specific tools to be assembled, repaired and fixed. One can’t use low-quality tools to provide a high-quality service. That is our motto, and that is why we keep investing highly in our service to provide you with an excellent service. From the screwdrivers to polish, scratch-resistant foam to top-notch machinery—we have high-quality tools in our holster.

We don’t believe in arriving at your door and bothering you by asking for this or that tool. That is not us. Our, in home furniture repair near me services, includes it all. When we arrive at your door, we are always equipped with suitable tools.


7) We provide results that speak for themselves

At Sofa Expert, we don’t believe in working half-heartedly. When we take a job, we make it with the intention of proving our worth to our customers. We take it as a challenge. A challenge to repair it like no one else. That is why our results speak for themselves. That being said, you now know that you don’t have to get rid of the sofa, bed, table or chair just because it’s broken or seemingly can’t be repaired. You can hire our furniture repair near me services, and we’ll see to it that you have beautiful furniture once again, without having to spend a fortune.You can also contact us for more details.





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